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Cultural Concept

Cultural Concept

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Ninghua company operating philosophy:

First, "four adhere to": that is, adhere to the principle of safe development, open collaboration, problem-oriented, value creation.

Second, "four advanced: advanced concepts, advanced technology, advanced business models, advanced management methods.

Third, "four fine management": the production of fine work, technical excellence, management on fine carving, the cost of fine calculation.

Fourth, "double down double mention": reduce costs, reduce costs, quality (work quality, product quality) efficiency (efficiency, efficiency).


Juhua Vision: To be a truly respected company

Juhua mission: to transform Juhua into a first-class enterprise

Giant spirit: self-reliance, self-confidence and cohesion; the idea of a game of chess, the passion of a fire, the realm of a rope, the consensus of a family.

Work goals: save quantity, increase in growth, optimal operation, adjust structure, and seize opportunities

Juhua's twelve-word policy: "Stable operation, increase kinetic energy, gather talents, create first-class"

Development concept: innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing

Central Thought: Reform and Innovation Seek First, Open Development and Seek A New Chapter

Main Line of Development: Reform and Innovation, Open Development

Development and positioning: one wing, multi-wheel drive

Three keys: reform, innovation, openness

Talent view: wide-eyed, clear-minded, new ideas, clear situation, many methods

Four to cadres: cadres should be positive, cadres should be able, cadres should be specialized, cadres should do

Four bottom lines: safety, environmental protection, integrity, stability

Five-part construction: building consensus, working together, encouraging co-creation, promoting co-construction and sharing

Manager's Creed: Loyalty, Clean, Accountability

Team capacity-building: scientific decision-making ability, market development ability, lean management ability, ability to solve complex problems, cultural leadership



Four not two straight work method:

No notice, no greeting, no route, no escort reception, straight to the enterprise, straight to the scene

Work Ten Method: "Ten fingers to play the piano" of the overall consideration of the law, "injured its ten fingers is better than break its one finger" focus of the breakthrough method, "from the worst to prepare, to the best efforts" of the bottom-line thinking method, "specific problem analysis" of the local approach, "anatomical sparrows, with point-belt" typical lead method, "a hammer nail" of the final method, "

Hoof stoic steady, impatient but not impatient" step-by-step law, "follow the masses jump fire pit" mass work method, "grasp specific, concrete grasp" of the hands-on law, "do command, take the lead" under the above rate of the law

PDCA Work Method:

"Plan" to "three Ming" (Mingjia foundation, Ming direction, Ming node), "execution" to "three implementation" (the courage to grasp the implementation, good grasp the implementation, good at grasping the implementation), "check" to "three degrees" (strength, depth, speed), "processing" to "three rings" (layer closed, ring buckle, cycle lift)


Two-system work:

Special work project, key work list system, daily work institutionalized

Corporate motto

Grasp the new normal and realize the new leap.

International vision, reform thinking, innovative consciousness, problem-oriented.

Hard work, improve ability, continue to play a good quality efficiency, transformation breakthrough battle.

To the reform to dividends, to management to benefit, to the market to develop, to talent to the core competitiveness.

Reform is focused on implementation, innovation to highlight value, opening up to break through again.

One complementeaching, two-wing creativity, multi-wheel synergy.

Out of the "reform" a path, solid "science and technology, talent" two support, strengthen the "production and integration interaction, open cooperation, entrepreneurship and innovation" three platforms, grasp the "party building, economy, ecology, peace" four reports.

Safety "no accident", environmental protection "not exceeding the standard", integrity "zero risk", stability "zero out of control".

Hard to implement, to rely on the nail-biting attitude of responsibility, immediately to do the work of the energy, a grasp of the end of the working methods, the effectiveness of the work to achieve.

Pay close attention to the implementation, to set a good "war map", hold the "bull nose", hit the "Taitai race", with the foot "toolbox", with a good "command rod".


Three confident

Industry confidence: Industrial self-confidence is a professional pride that runs through the course of juhua entrepreneurship, and is the wisdom crystallization and sublimation of the achievements of giant entrepreneurs. Practice has proved that the industry self-confidence, the development of the giant will never move forward, no disadvantage, the industry self-confidence is weak, the work of the giant will fall into a trough, the road twists and turns.

At present, the development of Juhua has entered the most critical strategic transition period, we must work the solid foundation, in the quality and efficiency of the article, the industry self-confidence to a new state, to ensure that Juhua in the reform and innovation, open development road to a steady and far, to achieve the respected enterprise vision.

System confidence: Institutional self-confidence is rooted in the advantages of state-owned enterprises fundamental self-confidence. Only by adhering to the leadership of the Party can state-owned enterprises fully reflect the political and organizational advantages brought about by the central role of capital, state support and party organization. Under the new normal, Juhua is facing the new impact of the competitive pattern and the transformation of the stage of development, we must firmly do a good job of the confidence and determination of state-owned enterprises, timely summary and refinement of the past reform and development of practical experience, with the times to grasp the optimization of institutional mechanisms, and constantly improve the system self-confidence of the ideological understanding and concept of identity,

We will wholeheartedly adhere to the leadership of the Party, resolutely safeguard the political core position of the Party organization, and truly make Juhua form the core competitiveness that cannot be replicated.

Cultural self-confidence: Cultural self-confidence is a valuable inheritance from the spirit of jushua, is the spiritual foundation of giant entrepreneurship, vigorous development, but also the spiritual support of the giant cohesion, hard to overcome. At present, Juhua is facing the new challenges brought about by the stable and complex situation of reform and development and the diversity of social ideology, and also deeply feels the new expectations of the masses of workers to improve the quality of development and share the fruits of reform and development. Everyone strives to be the advocate, inheritor and promoter of the spirit of giantization, thus bringing together the greatest combined force of the officer's entrepreneurship, and providing inexhaustible impetus for the development of giantization.

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