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Ningbo Juhua won the title of “2016-2018 Ningbo Model Collective”

Ningbo Juhua won the title of “2016-2018 Ningbo Model Collective”

ADDTime: 2019-08-19

On April 30th, Ningbo City celebrated the “May 1st” International Labor Day and Advanced Commendation Conference. Ningbo Juhua Company won the title of Ningbo Model Party in 2016-2018.




The company is guided by the principle of “taking the best employees to the sky, helping the employees with difficulties, and benefiting the employees”. The company is closely related to the theme, focusing on the main business and performing its duties.

The company has established special actions such as helping the fund, conducting condolences for difficult workers, and providing major illness relief, providing labor protection and care for employees; creating the “Jiagang No.” to create a spiritual harbor; establishing a long-term mechanism for cultural and sports activities, enriching the amateur cultural life of employees .

Enterprises do practical things for employees, solve good problems in employees' production and life, make work close to reality, close to life, and close to employees, enhance the cohesiveness and combat effectiveness of the company, and enhance the team's centripetal force and creation. Force has promoted the harmonious development of enterprises.

The company actively supports social welfare undertakings, better fulfills social responsibilities, and establishes a good social image. The company was awarded the honorary title of the advanced unit of party building ideological and political work in the national petroleum and chemical industry, the Zhejiang May 1st Labor Award, the Ningbo May 1st Labor Award, the advanced unit of Ningbo Harmony Enterprise, and the most socially responsible enterprise in Zhenhai District.


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