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This year, the methanol industry must do a good job in five aspects.

This year, the methanol industry must do a good job in five aspects.

ADDTime: 2019-08-19

On April 18th, Gu Zongqin, chairman of the China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association, pointed out at the 2019 China Methanol Industry Conference held in Shanghai that in 2019, in the face of the complex and ever-changing international environment and the real pressure of the domestic economic downturn, the whole industry should firmly grasp The general tone of the work of “steady progress” is to adhere to the supply-side structural reform as the main line, accelerate the pace of energy conservation, environmental protection, safe production, circular economy and comprehensive utilization of resources, and promote the development of high-quality and high-efficiency industries.

Gu Zongqin emphasized that this year the national methanol industry should do a good job in five aspects:

The first is to guide the rational growth of production capacity. Gu Zongqin said that in recent years, with the continuous development of emerging downstream products and the recovery of market prices, China's methanol production capacity has increased, and with the improvement of industry technology and equipment level, the trend of large-scale new devices has become significant. The dynamics are large projects of 1 million tons/year and 1.8 million tons/year. Large coal chemical projects have high investment and energy consumption, which have a great impact on the market and the industry. In project planning and construction, we should be cautious and cautious, suppress impulsiveness, fully consider resources, environment, market and other factors to avoid blind follow-up. Adhering to the requirements of “measuring the amount of work, measuring the amount of water, and carrying the capacity of the environment”, it is strictly forbidden to build or expand methanol plants in areas with sensitive ecological environment, lack of water resources and tight raw material resources.

The second is to promote the development of downstream product specifications for energy properties. Gu Zongqin pointed out that the continuous development of downstream products provides a continuous demand dynamic for the development of the industry. Methanol fuel has undoubtedly become a downstream application with great development potential after coal (methanol) to olefin. However, methanol fuel for vehicles, boiler fuels, especially stove fuels, there are still many irregularities. The relevant standard systems are not perfect and the supervision methods are imperfect. It is a gray area with serious safety hazards. Gu Zongqin emphasized that accelerating the improvement of industrial policies, technical standards and market application guarantee systems is the focus and key to the next step. The introduction of the “Guiding Opinions on the Application of Methanol Vehicles in Some Areas” provides favorable policy support for the development and application of methanol as a downstream property of energy properties, and also proposes work requirements that contribute to the healthy development of methanol fuel. For example, it is required to establish a sound quality control and safety management system for methanol fuel production, storage, transportation, etc.; support the development of relevant standards for methanol reference fuel technical requirements based on current national, industry and group standards; improve methanol fuel and Injecting system standards, researching and formulating standards for design and construction of methanol fuel filling stations for vehicles, safety specifications for methanol fuels for vehicles, special filling machines for methanol fuels, and methanol fuel additives. These also provide reference for the standardized development of boiler and stove methanol fuel, and help to actively promote the formulation and implementation of relevant group standards, local standards and industry standards.

The third is to guide enterprises to rationally lay out product structures. Gu Zongqin pointed out that methanol producers should broaden their horizons and take a long-term view, fully tap their own advantages and in-depth study of market conditions. Whether in the development of high value-added downstream products or from syngas, companies have much to do. In order to expand the industrial chain, improve product added value and market competitiveness. It is necessary to actively transform into modern coal chemical industry and fine coal chemical industry, and is committed to the development of high value-added coal chemical downstream products such as differentiated, personalized and high-end fine chemical products, high-end chemicals and new chemical materials, extending the industrial chain and expanding. Industrial field. For example, metallocene polyolefins, α-high carbon copolyolefins, still rely mainly on imported high-end resin materials, high-performance engineering plastics and high-performance surfactants, as well as carbon-based chemical products and their derivatives based on syngas. .

The fourth is to keep abreast of safety and environmental protection work and not relax. Gu Zongqin said that the recent security incidents caused heavy casualties, causing serious economic losses, social impacts and environmental impacts. At the same time, they once again sounded the alarm for us: safe production is no small matter, and prevention is the key. Any safety incident is caused by unsafe behavior, unsafe conditions and unregulated management, and any unsafe accident can be prevented. This requires enterprises to firmly establish the concept of safety and safety first, to prevent and contain serious accidents, to strictly adhere to the safety bottom line, strengthen process control, safety risk management and emergency management and disposal capabilities, to ensure safe production is foolproof.

Gu Zongqin said that at the beginning of this year, the China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association and the Petrochemical Federation jointly launched the “Special Action Investigation on Safety and Environmental Protection of Nitrogen and Methanol Industry”, and conducted safety and environmental investigations on Shandong Hualu Hengsheng and Jiangsu Linggu Chemical. Li Shousheng, president of the Petrochemical Federation, attached great importance to the event and participated and guided in person. This event also made me feel deeply. On the one hand, I feel that there is no end to safe production. Hualu Hengsheng and Linggu Chemical are still the first-class enterprises in the industry, and there is still room for further improvement and improvement. On the other hand, this is the same. Types of security investigation work have further implications. Different from the inspection and inspection by the safety and environmental protection department, more self-examination and mutual inspection activities can be carried out. In line with the strict, high-level and high-level requirements of the industry, problems are discovered, safety management consciousness is improved, and safety management responsibility is implemented. Improve safety management and intrinsic safety requirements.

Fifth, relying on technological innovation and green development to promote sustainable development of the industry. Gu Zongqin emphasized that technological progress is a powerful driving force for the green development of the industry, and green development is an inevitable choice for the sustainable development of the industry. The first is to create a good atmosphere for innovation. Actively promote the construction of innovation platforms and incentive mechanisms, increase investment in innovation funds, focus on innovative talents and team training, and provide support for innovation and development of the industry. Second, we must use technological innovation and management innovation to enhance the level of industry development on the basis of existing development. Strengthen the development of major key technologies and equipment and improve the level of self-sufficiency. The third is to use the strategic vision of innovation and development, according to the development trend of the industry, to lay out the roadmap for the future development of the industry and enterprises. While strengthening the improvement of its own research and development capabilities, we should make full use of the strength of universities and research institutes, pay attention to the combination of "internal and external forces", and promote the combination of "production, learning, research and use". The fourth is to fully understand the importance, urgency, and arduousness of green development, accelerate the construction of an industrial system of green recycling and low carbon development, and promote the development, promotion and application of green environmental protection technologies. Fifth, continue to carry out relevant activities that are conducive to technological progress, energy conservation and emission reduction. For example, the China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association has carried out the “Nitrate and Methanol Industry Technology Progress Award” for three consecutive years, and the advanced applicable technology for energy conservation and emission reduction during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period. The selection of “Advanced Units for Energy Saving and Emission Reduction of Nitrogen Fertilizer and Methanol Industry and Advanced Individuals”, as well as recommended by China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Petrochemical Federation jointly launched the “Lead Runner” award for energy efficiency products. Through these activities, we will accelerate the promotion and application of advanced technologies, establish energy-saving models and benchmarks, and promote technological advancement and green development in the industry.

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