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Special work project, key work list system, daily work institutionalized

Corporate motto

Grasp the new normal and realize the new leap.

International vision, reform thinking, innovative consciousness, problem-oriented.

Hard work, improve ability, continue to play a good quality efficiency, transformation breakthrough battle.

To the reform to dividends, to management to benefit, to the market to develop, to talent to the core competitiveness.

Reform is focused on implementation, innovation to highlight value, opening up to break through again.

One complementeaching, two-wing creativity, multi-wheel synergy.

Out of the "reform" a path, solid "science and technology, talent" two support, strengthen the "production and integration interaction, open cooperation, entrepreneurship and innovation" three platforms, grasp the "party building, economy, ecology, peace" four reports.

Safety "no accident", environmental protection "not exceeding the standard", integrity "zero risk", stability "zero out of control".

Hard to implement, to rely on the nail-biting attitude of responsibility, immediately to do the work of the energy, a grasp of the end of the working methods, the effectiveness of the work to achieve.

Pay close attention to the implementation, to set a good "war map", hold the "bull nose", hit the "Taitai race", with the foot "toolbox", with a good "command rod".

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